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What is the best diet to get lean and tone up?

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Question by Scott: What is the best diet to get lean and tone up?
I am 5ft 11inch and weight 12.3stone, i have a fairly average figure but am currently going to the gym twice a week doing both weights and cardio. I wanted to know if any one has any decent diets to help me tone up and bulk a little.

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Answer by ask me if i care
add weight to your routine as u progress in order to bulk up a little. as for the diet dont eat fast food, eat at home and eat every 3 hrs to increase your metabolism. eat in small portions when u eat every 3 hrs drop all sugars if possible or dont consume too many dont eat fattening foods with lots of fat, do about 30 or 40 min of cardio after your 15 to 30 min of weights. i suggest jump roping its an excellent workout that works out the whole body and gives u definition too. burpess are also another excelent work out and a very tiring workout is the bear workout theres your link check it out—>

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Best home exercise machine to lose fat?

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Question by Emily Young™: Best home exercise machine to lose fat?
I live in london and was considering buying the Ab Circle Pro, but after checking reviews out, it seems really crap compared to the infomercials. So I want to know what is the best, small compact fat loss excersice machine that can be shipped to greater london? My limit is £150. I dont have too much storage space, so it has to be quite compact, though i do have space underneath the stairs.

Ps. Has anyone tried the Ab Circle Pro?

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Answer by Yevgen
If you want to have amazingly toned muscles, an overall loss of fat, and a gracefully balanced body, look into the art of Parkour (known as Free Running), it’s exercise done using the surrounding environment, which works out all of your muscle groups, without any equipment other than adequate running shoes. Check source for more info.

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