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What is a quick and easy way to lose weight?

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Question by Rachel: What is a quick and easy way to lose weight?
I want to lose weight for my sisters birthday.
Which is in March.
We are going to a spa.
Which I have been to before and the guys that work there are HAWT!
Anyway right now I weigh like 110 llbs
I would love to lower that to like 60.
Any chance of it? And hat would I have to do?

Best answer:

Answer by w.muzhdah
no one over 4’5 should weigh 60 punds. that is dangerously undeerweight. try the beyonce diet if you want to lose weight fast, but its like a fast and you should be fine at you r weight if you are at least 5’2

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What is an easy weight loss exercise plan ?

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Question by Im cool like that: What is an easy weight loss exercise plan ?
I’ve gained a few pounds over the summer and would like to loose them. what are some easy ways to loose a few pounds . I’ve got a cross trainer at home , how many minutes should i be on it daily. I try to walk as much as possible and i do 10 push ups and 10 sit ups before before bed (not a lot but its all i can manage). I’m also on a weight loss diet .

Best answer:

Answer by sean_st_jean
I would suggest that if you are on a diet already and it’s working, just stick with that. You want to create a very small calorie deficit: small enough that your body doesn’t react. Exercise is a good idea for general health, but not as a weight loss method.

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