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diet tips?

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Question by hdhsj: diet tips?
What sorts of food can you eat in great amounts that you wont get fat with—i think theres these beans call edamene?

Any tips for breakfast,lunch,dinner suggestions(diet)

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Answer by ♥ Lyn J
well you should try potato and bean diet for a week. which you will not get fat. steamed and a little salt will do. or a meat free diet will do 2 :) you can have a meat free diet for the rest of your life and i guarantee you’ll nv be over weight. but…just remember to take alot of beans and an assortment of vegge with all kinds of colors, food contain certain colors contain certain nutrients :)

any kinds of beans will not get you fat and tat goes with the vegge too :) only carbs and fat will make you fat

hope it helps

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What is your best tips to lose weight fast?

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Question by ♫мёģąŋ♫: What is your best tips to lose weight fast?
Hey thanks for coming and looking at my question all i really wanna know is what is your best tips for losing weight and fast? Remeber to take in mind i work at a desk full time and dont have much time for excersice??

Best answer:

Answer by Tyler
I would start eating very healthy. Like give up all those fattening foods like chocolate, cake, pizza, ect.. and start eating healthy foods such as salads, soups, granola bars, total, ect… Along with that, just take a walk around the block every day and you’ll start to see good results in a few weeks. Just a few small steps.

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